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Pull Up Bar For No Punching Adjustable Exercise Bar OT216

Pull Up Bar For No Punching Adjustable Exercise Bar OT216

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Pull Up Bar For Doorway


ONETWOFIT Pull-Up Bar is a robust piece of home gym equipment for intense muscle building workouts. This Pull- Up Bar makes it easy to target chest, arm, shoulder and back muscles for focused, high-energy strength training.


No Punching

Strength training pull-up bars built with premium grade steel. Heavy-duty steel structure supports up to 330 lbs. Integrated construction allows no screws and no drill.

Multisport Exercise Muscles

Fix this Exercise Bar to a doorframe and engage in a muscle burning workout of pull-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups; or simply place it on the floor to maximise your training with push-ups, bench press, planks and more.

Multisport Exercise Muscles


Simple And Convenient Installation

The pull pu bar doorway does not need to be installed on the wall or door, and will not damage the structure of the wall or door, so as not to affect the appearance, the installation is very simple and convenient, and it can be disassembled at any time.

Pull up bar indoor install

Warm Tips:


  1. Please make sure that dimensions of your door are compatible with the bar, see Image in product gallery.
  2. We suggest people under 330lbs (150kg) to use it. It's not because our product can't bear the weight, but because we're worried about the bearing capacity of your door frame.
  3. Moreover, it is not designed for thin drywall, plasterboard walls, gypsum boards.
  4. Perfect for deeper push-ups thanks to the clever design with an increased freedom of movement for you to get even better results.


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