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Smart Digital Treadmill OT158

Smart Digital Treadmill OT158

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LCD Digital Large Screen

The multifunctional touch screen has 12 kinds of running programs. Simultaneously view your time, distance, speed and calories burned. There are 3 custom countdown modes to customize a private exercise plan.

OneTwoFit treadmill Multi-function and multi-mode display interface

Powerful Motor Drive

When you are jogging or running fast, the high-tight gears and silent-drive motors make the treadmill quieter, stronger and more durable.

OneTwoFit treadmill powerful motor drive

Emergency Stop Safety Function

During the exercise, the treadmill with built-in automatic stop function, you only need to fix the safety clip on the clothes to run normally, in case of emergency, you can pull it down and the treadmill will stop immediately.

OneTwoFit treadmill emergency stop safety function

Sturdy Cup Holder

Practical and convenient countertops. When we consume a lot of water during exercise, the sturdy cup holder allows us to replenish energy in time.

OneTwoFit treadmill sturdy cup holder

Self Refueling, Automatic Maintenance

You only need to refuel to the designated location, the treadmill will be fully automatic operation, easy to operate, intelligently judge the amount of fuel, regular reminders, ensure the performance, solve the traditional refueling problem for you, and more effectively extend the life of the running belt.

OneTwoFit treadmill self refueling automatic maintenance

    3 Manual Adjustable Incline

    3 Levels Of Slope Adjustable, Compatible To An Authentic Outdoor Running Experience

    Incline Degree : 0° ,1° ,2°

    Level 1-2 : Country Road, Low Intensity. Level 3: Outdoor Incline, High Intensity

    Compared with non-incline adjustable treadmill, our incline treadmill could help you exercise more efficiently and burn more calories.

    OneTwoFit treadmill 3 Manual Adjustable Incline

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