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Doorway Pull Up Bar no Screws Support to 440 Lbs OT160

Doorway Pull Up Bar no Screws Support to 440 Lbs OT160

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Why Choose Doorway Pull Up Bar?

OneTwoFit Pull-Up Bar is a perfect addition to your home gym workout for upper-body strength and muscle toning.

You can use it for pull ups, chin ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups.

【Comfortable Hand Grips】Different from other foam handles, this handgrips are made of high-elasticity rubber and nylon, with the features of Non-Slip, Non-Toxic,non-Smell and also very comfortable.



【Large Non-Slip Mat】The size of doorway pull-up bar's upgrade large non-slip mat is 23x7.3x0.6 cm. it can spread the pressure when it loading wights.

【NO Screws & NO Drilling】Please watch our installation video before you install this pull up bar. You only take minutes to set it up and remove it on the door frame. Just rotate the pole to press against the door frame. Pay attention to DO NOT use the pull up bar doorway on glass door, hollowed door or other fragile door frame.

NO Screws & NO DrillingNO Screws & NO Drilling

【Sturdy Locking Mechanism】Patented safety lock, will prevent the pull up bar from rotating during use, which make sure the security for yourself.

Sturdy Locking MechanismSturdy Locking Mechanism
【Adjustable Pull Up Bars】Customize length for an easy fit in most door frame between 70cm-90cm. Suitable for standard doorway, perfect for home, garage or office use. Max. Support: 200kg/440lbs.
pull up bar sturdy locking mechanism


pull up

Pull up

The pull-up is the exercise of the upper body muscles, mainly training the latissimus dorsi.

Standard pull-up exercise: Holding both hands on the upper bar, the arms are fully open, and the feet are off the ground. Use your arms and back muscles to pull your body up until the chin crosses the bar. Then put your body down until your arms are straight. Repeat this way.


Push up

Push-ups are common fitness exercises, mainly exercising the upper limbs, waist and abdomen muscles, especially the chest muscles.

Standard push-ups require the back and legs to straighten out of the ground.


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