The way we approach fitness has changed. Back in the glorious pre-covid days, most people would workout at the gym. But when gyms closed during lockdown we were forced to reassess how and where we exercised. Consequently, sales of home gym equipment increased, as it meant we could continue to do the strength workouts we loved, but from the comfort and safety of our own homes. Items such as dumb bells, resistance bands, kettlebells, wall mounted pull up bar, yoga mats, and skipping ropes all helped us to stay fit, strong and healthy whilst also helping keep our mental health in check at a time when many of us struggled.

Creating a home gym isn’t so difficult, especially with such high-quality fitness equipment available. Today we’re going to look at one piece of kit in particular, the OneTwoFit wall mounted pull up bar, but first let’s just take a quick look at the benefits of using a pull up bar:


Why Should I Use A Pull Up Bar As Part Of My Workout?

Upper body strength is something many of us yearn for, although it is something that often eludes us. We use our arms every single day without really paying much attention to how strong they are and it’s only when we try to hang with our kids on the monkey bars, we realise they aren’t as strong as we thought they were.

Pull up bars are great because they rely on you using your own body weight to workout. Body weight exercises are a lot kinder to joints and tendons, meaning you are far less likely to injure yourself. It makes sense really if you think about it – if you try to raise your own body weight without much practice you just simply won’t be able to do it, but if you try lifting a heavy weight without practice you’ll probably do it (to some extent at least) but your body won’t like it!

In terms of what a pull up bar can do for your upper body strength, well let’s just say it requires the use of not just one type of muscle, not even two, no in order to raise your body up and above that pull up bar you’re going to need to use no less than seven of your upper body muscles: lats, traps, deltoids, pecs, biceps, forearms, and triceps. So, as you can see it’s a really good, all round upper body workout, but of course what that does mean is it’s going to take a bit of hard work to get there. Consistency is key when it comes to pull ups, and starting off with tiny movements each day as well as floor based body weight exercises such as press ups, wrist strengthening exercises, and planks will all help build strength in those key muscle groups.

If you are consistent in your training, you will notice results fast, and before long you’ll be busting out those pull up reps without even breaking into a sweat!


Find Out More About The OneTwoFit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The OneTwoFit wall mounted pull up bar is a proper sturdy bit of kit. You may have seen those door frame pull up bars you can get, you know the ones that literally hang over the top of the door, well this is a whole different league. The fact it’s wall mounted means it can take more weight and you can be 100% confident that it is up to the job. And while you do need to be a little careful about the type of wall you attach it to (concrete or brick is best, although you can mount it onto wooden batons for extra support if you have a different wall construction), the steel frame offers great stability and rigidity and can support up to 440 pounds in weight.

It comes flat packed, so you need to build it yourself, but it’s super easy and the instructions are very self-explanatory. Once built, you can see straightaway the quality of the product – it’s robust and solid, exactly what you want from a bit of kit that’s going to be a) mounted on one of your walls and b) going to take your body weight safely.

The bar also has space for you to attach a punch bag, power ropes or suspensions straps, and the pads are comfortable, durable and tear resistant.


What I also love about the OneTwoFit wall mounted pull up bar is the fact it can be used in a variety of different ways offering a full range of functional body weight exercises. If you take it off the wall (the brackets that come with the bar make this easy for you to do) and turn it the other way round, you can then use it as a dip station to focus on the triceps instead.

It can also be used on the floor as a dip station, as well as a support frame for press ups and leg raises. So, despite being called a pull up bar you are in fact getting a great multi-functional piece of gym equipment that allows you to build muscle not just in your arms, but also in your chest, back and core too.

All in all, this is a fantastic bit of kit to help you improve overall body strength and fitness from home. So much so that you may decide never to step foot in a gym again!

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