What to look for when purchasing a stationary bike?

What to look for when purchasing a stationary bike?

Exercise bike is one of a popular equipment for aerobic exercise. It is deeply liked and favored by people with 9-to-5 job. Under the dynamic music, the muscles and joints of the whole body are activated, blood circulation is accelerated, oxygen supply is sufficient, stress is relieved and emotions are vented.

There are various brands of exercise bike, and different brands have different grades of product lines. It can’t explain the problem well if you just look at between the brands.

The features of a good exercise cycle bike is indeed traceable. As long as you grasp the core elements of a product and compare the prices of different products under the same elements, you can basically solve the problem of how to choose a exercise bike.

And spinning bikes are the type of exercise bikes that have been more popular among consumers in recent years.

Spinning bikes because of its small size that after overcoming all the shortcomings of outdoor cycling, this is very suitable for home exerciseand.

Spinning will consume a lot of energy, enhance the strength of the legs as well as shape them, an aerobic exercise for the whole body.

Well, we will provide guide for the purchase by introducing a few of the most noteworthy elements to measure whether a spinning bike is suitable for you.

What to look for in a Spin Bike?

Flywheel weight

flywheel weight

Flywheel is the core of a spinning bike. The quality of the flywheel directly affects the cycling experience.

Does the weight of the flywheel matter? Well, in terms of weight, the flywheel has a weight range of 8kg to 25kg.

It depends on the weight of the flywheel what kind of goals that you may achieve, and decide what goals you can achieve.

If you want it result in fat burning and weight loss, the light weight will definitely not work.

That’s look at the following parameter range for the weight.

· This weight of 6kg~10kg is more suitable for middle-aged and old people or girls who are new to cycling. It can basically improve cardiopulmonary function, improve physical fitness.

· The weight of 10kg~16kg is basically sufficient for household use. If it is necessary to have a certain fitness intensity, such as achieving fat burning, muscle building, shaping, and improving physical fitness, this weight range is a good choice. It is recommended that you choose above 15kg, as it is more secure.

· The weight range of 20kg~25kg is used by professional bodybuilder, not suitable for general fitness lover.

In addition, the current flywheel materials include solid iron, hollow iron with cement, aluminum alloy, and steel plates, each has its own merits. But it is recommended that steel and solid iron are the first choice for needs of quietness and weight.

Drive System

Drive System

Spin bikes have two unique sorts of a drive system.

One is chain drive, and the other is belt drive.

If conceivable, consistently choose a belt-driven spin bike. A belt drive framework is predominant in numerous ways.

Initially, it scarcely utters any strong. Likewise, it doesn’t require almost as much support as a chain-drive does. Finally, belts are basically simpler to change.

Chain-driven spinning bikes, like a outdoor bicycle, are more widely used, but they are generally used on cheap spinning bikes.

The disadvantages are:

(1) The friction noise males a bad experience for home use. So one can’t use it at night normally.

(2) Maintenance is troublesome, and you must frequently add lubricating oil by yourself.

However, for safety, the chain transmission system is basically an all-inclusive design, which must be disassembled for lubricating.

The advantage is that the price is cheap, the chain is durable and the maintenance cost is low.

Belt drive is always recommended, especially for home use. It is a very quiet.what’s more, it has the advantages of smoothness, high power, and high stability.

However, compared with the chain, the belt wears relatively faster. But the cost is almost the same if it is for home use. The belt driven bikes is always the first choice.

Braking Mechism

Fitness cycling brake-mechanism

There are 2 types of brakes. You can observe a spin bike with brake-pads, or a magnetic breaking.

Texture brake-cushions are generally found in passage level locally established indoor bicycles.

Calfskin cushions are generally found in better quality bicycles for both, homegrown and business use.

The attractive stopping mechanism is a genuinely wonderful accomplishment. These stopping mechanisms are totally quiet as there is no actual contact. They offer a far more noteworthy scope of obstruction. Furthermore, it requires positively no upkeep or substitution.

The attractive slowing mechanism ought to be the best option if possible.

Resistance Adjustment Aystem

Fitness cycling resistance adjustment aystem

There are mainly friction resistance adjustment and Magnetic resistance adjustment.

Friction resistance adjustment:
The principle is to increase the friction of the flywheel physically. In order to ensure the resistance effect, the friction plate needs to be replaced after a long time of use to ensure safety.

The friction resistance adjustment will produce noise under the physical increase of friction. inevitable.

Magnetic resistance adjustment:
Instead of pads that rub up against the flywheel, these use magnets to get closer/further away from the flywheel. It provides better experience, generally used on expensive spinning bikes.

Body And The Legs

Fitness cycling frame structure

The body, regardless of the sort of bicycle, is critical. Search for a spin bike with a solid settling outline and wide legs for ideal equilibrium.

In any case, since most exercise cycle bike have a strong casing, try to focus on the legs and ensure the legs will survive after rough use.

Adjustable Seat & Handlebars

Adjustable Seat & Handlebars

Pretty much every kind of indoor bicycle offers customizable seats, just as a movable handle. Various sorts of bicycles offer variable levels of adjustability.

Customizability is especially significant if you’re overweight or truly tall, which would require a few changes.

However, customizability is by and large very little of an issue as OneTwoFit exercise bike can be adjust easily . The same goes for the bicycles handle.

Screen Display

Screen Display

Practically all spin bikes accompany a showcase screen.

The most essential framework would show the speed of the bicycle, the absolute distance voyaged and the assessed calories consumed during the exercise.

A few bicycles offer somewhat more data. For instance, it would show constant data on clients pulse or give the capacity to define objectives dependent on distance voyaged, and so forth.

 Cup/Pad Holder

Exercise bike can be similarly just about as difficult as open air cycling and would initiate as much sweat as some other type of exercise. So keeping appropriately hydrated is critical.

Most spin bikes have a water bottle holder, and a portion of the top of the line models considerably offer a twofold holder.

The significant thing to take a gander at is the area of the container holder, a great deal of times, it tends to be hard to arrive at the jug while cycling.

It is something special to remember when you are searching for a spin bike.


Indoor bicycles are by and large very hard to ship, especially stationary bikes, which have a heavyweight flywheel connected to it, making it close to difficult to move around at home. This is the reason have transport wheels are important on your spin bike, particularly in case you are getting it for your home where space is generally restricted.

Bicycle Pedals

Most spin bike pedals have a straps joined to it for security.

A few bikes, of the business assortment, highlight an uncommon kind of strap for the SPD cleat on expert cycling shoes. These are somewhat safer than the toe straps. However, there isn't not much to emphasize in this way.

Then some other details, the armrests are rubberized or dipped? the pedals are made of iron or aluminum alloys? whether the armrests and seat cushions can be adjusted up and down. whether the wheels are easy to move. And whether the seat cushions have good air permeability...

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